The protection of confidential information from unauthorised accesses is very important for every organisation. Therefore, most organisations spend a huge amount of money securing them. But, the information security technologies need full support from the system administrators, security personnel, management and the employees in order for it to work properly. Apart from the establishment of security programs, it is important to provide IT-security awareness and training classes for employees.

Need for IT-Security Awareness Programs

During a risk assessment review, the organization has to face lots of challenges. If an organization is met with a sophisticated hacker attack, they may lose their confidential documents. Also, the disclosure of sensitive documents and the loss of some important factors such as customer confidence are inherently difficult to quantify. Thus, it is necessary to implement the security policies in order to minimze the security incidents. However, it is not possible to estimate the indirect costs such as productivity losses associated with the implementation of new control measures. IT-security awareness programs are essential in order to overcome these losses. An IT-security awareness program establishes a common set of terminology so management can effectively discuss the consequence of threats and preventative methods that can be adopted to protect the documents.

Responsibilities of an IT-Security Awareness Program

A good IT-security awareness program should:

  • Help the employees to understand and react appropriately to the real and potential information security issues.
  • Make the employees aware of the information on the systems.
  • Provide information on how to avoid fraud, scams, IT theft, phishing, etc.
  • Reduce the number and extent of information security issues.
  • Provide savings through all security awareness, educational, training activities and coordination while reducing duplicate efforts.
  • Build a culture of information security competence. Also, it should motivate the employees to monitor their behavior and incorporate their information security concerns into decision making.
  • Enhance the overall compliance with the company’s security standards, procedures, policies and checklists.


IT-security awareness process offers lots of benefits for the organizations. It helps the employees to understand the need for information security and effective risk management programs. A good awareness program helps organizations to understand the various risks associated with it and to develop economical tools to prevent them. It provides a full visibility and also helps them to detect suspicious activities and minimize the chance for security incidents. It also helps the organization to save money by providing proper training on the use of appropriate levels of protection and more effective architectures as well as controls. These programs also teach the employees how to use the resources to promote continuous improvement. This will help improve the reputation of the organization, information security integration and customer satisfaction. Apart from all of these things, it helps the organization to maintain its stability.

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