The manufacturing industry remains highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, and experts say it’s largely due to a lack of awareness and action.

Cyber attacks now regularly make global headlines.

While the implications of electronic threats to IT systems, finance, healthcare, and government administration are well-known, there are also very significant and growing—though less well-known—implications for manufacturers.

The recent “Wanna Cry” virus that disabled much of

the United Kingdom’s National Health Service also forced a Honda

plant in Japan to halt production.

In June 2017, more than half of the organizations targeted by the Petya (also known as Expetr) cyber attack were industrial companies.

Manufacturers are increasingly being targeted not just by traditional malicious actors such as hackers and cyber-criminals, but by competing companies and nations engaged in corporate espionage. Motivations range from money and revenge to competitive advantage and strategic disruption.

61% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attacks in the past 12 months.



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