5 Exciting eCommerce Chatbot Examples

retail chatbot examples

The HelloFresh team also gave Freddy a few amusing features in order to offer visitors a distinctive brand experience that would retain them by keeping them interested. Freddy’s Breakfast Quiz, for instance, is the perfect example of an engaging way for users to learn about HelloFresh’s products. Do you want to know how this theory of eCommerce chatbots works in practice? Let’s take a look at Masha.ai, a shopping assistant chatbot by Facebook Messenger. Chatbots could link themselves to Customer Rewards Accounts, making it much easier for the customers to access their reward points.

Generative AI: 15 Enterprise Use Cases You Can Implement – eWeek

Generative AI: 15 Enterprise Use Cases You Can Implement.

Posted: Tue, 25 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It has immersed as a go-to technology for every industry you can imagine. 47% of digitally mature organizations say they have a defined AI strategy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of your leads are greeted with banners declaring the lowest price in the market, or best service in the industry. Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software. A bot could very easily serve the customer with whatever information they desire at a moment’s notice. Customers want to know everything they can about what they’re buying.

Nexc – personal electronics shopping assistant

We provide a prompt-heavy bot to exactly what they need. The bot’s casual tone, emojis and conversational calls-to-action keep the reader naturally scrolling and tapping rather than feeling like they’re being sold to. This is a prime example of how to funnel a customer through a conversation to eventually lead them to take action. There’s a huge difference between a bot answering “yes” or “no” questions and a bot that provides meaningful experiences.

  • They want to know more about that dress, what the return policy is like and when the earliest delivery date is.
  • Superfans can dive in even deeper with reports, analysis and play-by-play match commentary.
  • To make the process more engaging, this AI chatbot also sends pictures of clothes to help users answer style questions.
  • Make your chatbot recognize positive and negative reviews and send a relative response in DMs, comments, or both.

Sometime after the purchase, your chatbot could reach out to the customer asking for feedback and reviews. Since the request is conversational, the user may be more inclined to give a good review. Depending on what you sell, there might be a need to schedule consultations before buying a product or maintenance appointments post-purchase. Let’s say a customer wants to get a new cover for their smartphone, but the bot knows that your shop is currently offering a special discount for headphones.

chatbot retail use cases to replicate for your brand

Botsify chatbot is an intelligent bot that converts customers into potential leads for B2B businesses. This bilingual chatbot interacts with customers in each of Groupe Dynamite’s ecommerce stores. But seeing them in action is the best way to learn about their benefits. Your and your customers’ needs will both help inform the right ecommerce chatbot for you.

While their platform doesn’t offer coding support, it’s free to use and to register and launch your bot on the Kik Bot Shop. Chatbots that function through machine learning use AI to handle a wide range of conversations and requests from users. Instead of only responding to specific commands, AI chatbots can interpret a user’s language to understand and meet their needs. The office supply store uses Facebook Messenger to offer customers product suggestions based on their requests and past orders. Staples’ Facebook chatbot can also enable customers to complete their purchase from the chat.

Chatbots are a great way to capture visitor intent and use the data to personalize your lead generation campaigns. Now based on the response you enter, the AI chatbot lays out the next steps. Automating order tracking notifications is one of the most common uses for retail bots. You can create a standalone survey, or you can collect feedback in small doses during customer interactions.

retail chatbot examples

Instead, the purpose of Insomnobot3000 is to drive brand awareness and promote Casper as a concept. WhatsApp has more than 2.4 billion users worldwide, and with the WhatsApp Business API, ecommerce businesses now have an opportunity to tap into this user base for marketing. But as the business grows, managing DMs and staying on top of conversations (some of which are repetitive) can become all too overwhelming. With the help of chatbots, you can collect customer feedback proactively across various channels, or even request product reviews and ratings. Additionally, chatbots give you the ability to gauge negative feedback before it goes online, so you can resolve a customer issue before it gets posted about. To be able to offer the above benefits, chatbot technology is continually evolving.

They can use simple or complex rules, but they cannot answer questions outside of these rules, and they don’t learn via subsequent interactions. More and more companies, including LinkedIn, Starbucks, British Airways, and eBay, to name a few, have been investing time and money into the development of chatbot technology. In 2016, Domino’s introduced Dom, the Pizza Bot, a chatbot that could take your orders – through voice as well. It’s a great chatbot that works with Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Apple Watch, and a few other platforms.

retail chatbot examples

We have over 100+ templates for a wide variety of business use cases. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. Chatbots are also extremely effective at collecting customer feedback. No matter how in-depth your product description and media gallery is, an online shopper is bound to have questions before reaching the checkout page.

Another interesting fact is that chatbot retail sales are steadily increasing and are projected to grow to over $100 billion in the next year. If your most loyal customers get access to personal stylists, your chatbot can help them book their appointments. During the booking process, the bot can ask questions and guide the conversation so the stylist has an idea of what kinds of looks to pull before your client ever comes into the store. Nordstrom lets Nordy Club rewards members check their account balances and find out information about their rewards by talking to chatbots.

And recent research indicates that many consumers enjoy communicating with AI in an online retail situation. Not only do they like the fact they get a response in real-time, but they can also often find the answer to their common questions without needing to involve anyone else. In some ways, this makes them the perfect ‘employees’ as they can’t get angry or frustrated with customers. This lack of emotion could, in theory, backfire since customers want to know real human beings are hearing them. There are more positive applications, though, and the more advanced a bot, the more positive side to this interaction. Chatfuel is a no-code chatbot development platform for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger for increasing sales, reducing cost and automating support.

J. Appl. Soc. Psychol.

With its no-code platform and industry-leading Generative AI capabilities, Yellow.ai is leading the way in conversational AI solutions. Each interaction powered by Yellow.ai mirrors the authenticity of a human conversation, helping businesses foster genuine relationships and enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint. Scrolling through our social media feeds has become as natural as sipping our morning coffee. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram boasting billions of active users, businesses have a golden opportunity right at their fingertips.

  • Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on each eCommerce company’s use case.
  • Users can customize alerts, follow their favorite topics and players, and more.
  • Based on this input, the bot can create individual fashion profiles and make suggestions for suitable outfits and direct the user to the checkout.
  • The sports team is also a great example of timely content delivery and how you can use bots for more than just customer service.

As the chatbot examples above demonstrate, the future presents nearly endless possibilities for eCommerce companies. Sephora, one of the world’s largest beauty retailers, has a team of 3 chatbots deployed between Facebook and Kik. Chatbots can handle online transactions and accept payments from within the bot itself rather than sending users to a different page and dragging on the payment process. The shopping assistant makes it easy to browse clothes, interact with the brand, and makes the shopping experience more engaging. The fashion brand Michael Kors offers a shopping bot on the Facebook Messenger by Meta.

However, to reap the benefits of AI technologies, especially chatbots, a high level of training and testing is required to recognize the user’s intent and provide them with proper responses. Otherwise, chatbots may say unacceptable things, or simply not take no for an answer which could drive customers away from the brand. Feel free to read our articles about chatbot failures and A/B testing to avoid them. Before you add a chatbot to your business, it’s important to understand how this technology works. Understanding the different types of bots out there will allow you to generate one that serves your online business’ needs. These high figures show that a large chunk of buyers trust chatbots as a way to interact with businesses.


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