Certified Information and Cyber Security Courses For Beginners 



These courses will help beginners and experienced to enter into cyber security field by gaining knowledge of various cyber security requirements, current practices, threats, techniques from industry experts.

This training aims to make working professionals adopt at evaluating, securing and controlling complex business and IT systems in an enterprise. This course will also highlight government regulations and helps devise policies with stronger internal control measures and disclosures.

It provides comprehensive training for participants who wish to gain expertise in defining the design, architecture, management and controls leading to a secure business environment. 

Participatence will learn different regulations and its requirements like ISO, GDPR, PCI etc.

This course will provide:


·        Understand the basics of telecommunication and network security concepts, required components for minimizing security risks, securing channels of communication, and techniques for preventing and detecting network-based attacks.

·       Identify the key terms and processes of security operations and how to protect and control information processing assets in a centralized or distributed environment in this training.

·        Define and apply information security governance and Risk Management Framework including the policies, concepts, principles, structures and standards that are established for the protection of information assets and how to assess the effectiveness of that protection

·        Gain the required skills to design the architecture and manage IT security in an enterprise environment through this course


                              BEGINNERS COURSES




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