Who we are

We are a group of Information, Cyber Security Experts and passionate auditors. We are committed to make your IT Secure.

We are an Information Security Consulting and Training Services firm, providing specialised security services for Security Consultation, Audit, Documentation, Security Awareness, Infrastructure, Network and Applications. 

We are motivated to provide our customers with specially customised services like providing protection against external as well as internal threats and reduce business risk to improve security posture, achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency.

What we do

 At SecMyIT, we follow a unique methodology that is a result of our expertise, experience and a blend of internationally accepted and acclaimed industry standards. Our goal is to provide security in totality, which ensures that every possible facet of an information threat is covered during our engagement. We endeavour to maintain and create a sense of reliability with our clients to establish a long time relationship and continue to cater to their future security needs. Every project activity is treated as a challenge and we constantly strive to outdo ourselves for the best possible solution.

Our Competencies

We pride ourselves in delivering measurable results and are committed to provide best in class and cost effective Information Security and Cyber Security Services.

We have a pool of certified associates in security domain –

CISA, CISSP, GDPR DPO, CDPSE, COBIT, CEH, OSCP, CCNP and various other including ISO.

Information and Cyber Security Solutions Partner

Any company that sustains a presence in the digital world is in crucial need of modern cyber security, and SecMyIT is here to assist. We come to you with more than 15 years of experience in delivering the security services and latest technologies to protect against advanced security threats. Our Information and cyber security specialists offer tailored solutions for clients nationwide.

With our  cyber security consulting services, we discuss your business’s requirements rather than simply selling you a product or service. We believe that your required security should not interrupt your work.

A temporary fix is not enough to withstand the ever-evolving threats in today’s advancing world of technology. It takes a dedicated and knowledgeable team to stay on top of them. At SecMyIT, our experts are constantly researching and investigating new  regulatory and security requirements and more to provide you with the best possible solution to a security threat.

Cyber security solutions are not just for the largest enterprises, but for any organization that possesses confidential and proprietary information. We provide cyber security solutions to customers throughout world in the following industries: IT, Banking, Manufacturing, Energy/critical infrastructure, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications, Retail, and Government/Defense.

A complete security overview is available for your organization. Review our portfolio of cyber security services or contact us today for more information.

We provide our expertise in several areas which include but not limited to… 

IT Audit and Advisory

Compliance and Governance

Risk and Security Management

GDPR and Privacy.

Cyber Security and Information Security Training’s

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